Arillas Corfu

North Corfu

Our family was the first to work within tourism sector in the area of Arillas and we have been interacting with foreigners for 50 years. We have contributed a lot to the tourism development of Arillas and it goes without saying that we are absolutely aware of what a visitor really needs.

The area of Arillas is a fabulous place located on northern Corfu, boasting an extremely amazing beach that remains unspoiled and unaffected by the mass tourism, that dominates in certain destinations all over Greece. In every case you are going to be offered relaxing holidays in total tranquility in Arillas, while the shallow and clean seawaters make this area an ideal destination for families with children.
In Arillas you will find a great variety of amenities, such as AMMOS Bar-Restaurant, offering delicious meals or drinks in order to relax after your everyday sunbathing. It is also notable that the Microbrewery CORFU BEER is situated in the area of Arillas, too. It is considered to be one of the finest breweries, brewing real ale within Greece and organizes annually the so called “Corfu Beer Festival” in Arillas.

  • Beach:    450m
  • Supermarket:  150m
  • Baker’s:   100m
  • Corfu Beer Microbrewery:  1km
  • Port: 34km

Things To Look Forward to

Discover Ancient Trails

There are numerous ancient trails around the area of Arillas, remaining still forgotten and unexplored. Become the next explorer by taking part in the “Arillas Trail” event that takes place every year.

Rent a Boat

You could rent a boat in order to visit some hidden, secluded beaches near the area of Arillas or the nearby uninhabited islands. Be the first to find out places or beaches that have been never visited.

Brilliant Sunset

Arillas is a gorgeous place to watch the sunset, offering a panoramic view to the uninhabited island of Gravia and to one of the three Diapontian islands, called Mathraki.

Great Variety of Watersports

There is a great variety of watersports offered on the beach of Arillas, in order to meet everyone’s expectations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced “water-lover”, have fun in the sea!

Join Local Festivals

The residents of Arillas often organize folklore events or festivals. The most recent and successful festival is that of Corfu Beer Brewery, organized every year.

About Corfu

Corfu is considered to be the most popular island within the Ionian Sea and one of the most famous holiday destinations for foreigners.

Maintaining a significant, historical and cultural background throughout the centuries, Corfu gains the attention of tourists, who visit the island every year in order to experience the Corfiot way of living and to enjoy the fabulous beaches of the island. Finally, the existence of older buildings within Corfu town, surrounded by newer buildings, makes this place an incredible travel destination.